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The 4 Ayurvedic Digestive Varieties: Which One Are You?

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WHAT’S YOUR sort? When you’ve been paying consideration, you already know that intestine well being is a key to wellness – and that attending to a balanced state requires completely various things for various our bodies. Ayurveda’s historic knowledge distills these digestive variations into 4 classes, every of which comes loaded with its personal set of therapeutic options.

Our resident Ayurvedic skilled and creator of the Fool’s Information to Ayurveda, Sahara Rose, is sharing a easy information to the completely different ‘digestive hearth’ varieties.

Which one are you?

All of us have that one buddy who can get away with consuming pizza at midnight and can nonetheless be yoga-ready the subsequent morning. All of us have that different buddy who has each meals sensitivity below the solar.

Digestions Fluctuate As Extensively As Complexions

We’re every born with a singular sort that may additionally change in line with our eating regimen, way of life and age. You will have been the midnight-pizza particular person in your faculty years and now an excessive amount of cheese makes you bloated for days.

In accordance with ayurveda, the world’s oldest well being system and sister science of yoga, we every have a singular digestive sort. Because the creator of the Fool’s Information to Ayurveda and an ayurvedic nutritionist, I concentrate on assessing particular person’s digestion, pores and skin, metabolism and even thoughts to assist them discover stability.

One of many first issues I assess in my purchasers is their digestive hearth sort. The phrase agni in Sanskrit means hearth; it’s used to explain our digestive system as a result of it’s the interior flame that turns our meals into vitality. A few of us have a better time breaking down meals, absorbing vitamins and releasing toxins, whereas others really feel heavy and exhausted after a meal as a result of their digestive programs are on overdrive. This all offers us details about one’s digestive sort. Ayurveda classifies 4 varieties of agni or digestive fires: 

1. VISHAM AGNI (irregular digestion) 

Visham agni is when your digestive system is totally unpredictable. Typically you eat a meal and really feel nourished and glad with no digestive points. Different occasions, you bloat like a balloon and have gasoline so unhealthy you may’t go to SoulCycle. Visham agni is said to the vata (wind) dosha as a result of it’s all the time up within the air. You by no means know what’s going to occur subsequent!

Signs of visham agni incude: bloating, gasoline, constipation, typically interchanging with unfastened stool

If this pertains to you: observe a vata-pacifying eating regimen of warming, grounding meals, loads of root greens and wholesome fat. Keep away from uncooked and chilly meals like salads, smoothies, popcorn and crackers.

2. TIKSHNA AGNI (sharp digestion) 

Tikshna agni is when your digestive hearth is burning too brightly. You could be working to the toilet after each meal, particularly if it includes spices, nightshades, onion or garlic. When our inside flame is just too robust, our abdomen secretes extra abdomen acid, inflicting hyperacidity, heartburn and even ulcers. Tikshna agni is said to the pitta (hearth) dosha as a result of it’s robust and sharp. You’re the kind that should you don’t get to eat on time, you’re severely hangry!

Signs of tikshna agni incude: unfastened stools, hyperacidity/heartburn, sharp urge for food

If this pertains to you: observe a pitta-pacifying eating regimen of cooling, hydrating meals, loads of leafy greens, juicy fruit and cleaning herbs. Keep away from spicy and pungent meals reminiscent of cayenne, onion and garlic, which is able to additional ignite your digestive hearth.

3. MANDA AGNI (sluggish digestion) 

Manda agni is when your digestion goes on the tempo of a snail. You eat a meal and really feel stuffed for the subsequent six hours or longer. In truth, you could barely eat however your physique retains depositing fats – it’s such as you achieve weight even fascinated with fries! You could really feel exhausted after an enormous meal and really feel the necessity to take a nap. Manda agni is said to extra kapha (earth) dosha, because it’s heavy and dense. The pace of your digestion can really feel like watching the Earth rotate on its axis!

Signs of manda agni embody: sluggish digestion/ metabolism, weight-gain, massive, sticky stool, low urge for food

If this pertains to you: observe a kapha-pacifying eating regimen of sunshine, stimulating meals reminiscent of steamed non-starchy greens and a wide selection of spices. Say no to dairy, sugar, starches, fried meals and extra protein.

4. SAMA AGNI (balanced digestion) 

Sama agni is when you don’t have any digestive issues- fortunate you! You eat a meal and really feel snug after, with no bloating, gasoline, hyperacidity or lethargy. You will have one to 2 wholesome day by day bowel actions with out unfastened stools or constipation. If that is you, you deserve a gold star!

Signs of sama agni embody: wholesome day by day bowel actions, no digestive discomfort after consuming, robust ojas, or important life-force, radiant pores and skin, shiny eyes

If this pertains to you: stick with it by following the advisable meals for every season’s dosha. Within the scorching summer time months, eat extra of the pitta meals. Within the cooler fall months, eat extra vata meals. Within the wetter, winter and early spring months, eat extra kapha meals.

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